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Smooth & Hydrated 

Smooth, Hydrated

Like Botox, petals prevent your muscles from moving (or pillow lines forming!) without the needles...

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Make your

Serums work for you...

Intellinesse is more than just a skin smoothing beauty product. It helps you get more out of your serums and moisturizers.  Our serums and moisturizers evaporate shortly after applying. Petals are an occlusive seal that create a microclimate allowing your product to seep into the deepest layers of your skin. 

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Your Skin 
Comes First

Whether you're a Botox believer or a soap and water kinda gal, Intellinesse is the PERFECT, most simple product to improve your efforts to keeping your skin young, hydrated and healthy. 

It's so much more than "anti-aging" - it's caring for the largest organ in your body - your skin!!

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