Let our Facial Smoothing Petals help you age naturally.

Hi, I'm Lara, co-creator of Intellinesse. I'm a 40 year old mother, wife, and entrepreneur.  I live a full, active life, and had the lines on my face to prove it. 


Despite a great skincare routine, in my late 30s, I started noticing wrinkles between my brows, around my mouth, and sleep lines that went over my cheekbones. Despite my best efforts, the visible signs of aging were not going away. 



Curious as to why this was happening, and how to address this, I looped in my husband. We spent over two years researching, and finally developed Intellinesse Facial Smoothing Petals.


We recognized the need for a gentle, affordable skincare tool that reverses wrinkles caused by loss of collagen and facial expressions. Petals are the answer: gentle, clean, and nearly invisible, they leave you with smooth, hydrated skin. Petals won't clog pores, they lock moisture in, prevent lines from deepening and forming, and re-train skin and underlying facial muscles to lay flat again. As one of our customers says, "They're like flowers for your face."  


Whether you're a simple woman who prefers soap and water, someone who regularly visits an aesthetician, or, a woman who rocks Botox, Petals are a must have to add to your routine. We are so excited to share such a simple, affordable solution with you! 

Keep Shining,

Lara Kinslow


Intellinesse, LLC. 

Intellinesse Facial Smoothing Petals | Prevent sleep lines | prevent wrinkles | prevent crows feet
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Actual photos of my sleep lines before and after. Photo on the far right was taken after using Intellinesse.  The lines are completely gone. 

Intellinesse was created in Southern Arizona, where the desert inspires our creativity and love of life.