FAQs and How to Use

Frequently asked questions

How do I use these?

Each package comes with instructions on the inside and outside of the packaging. It's a simple process. Wash your face and moisturize as normal. Allow a minute or two for your favorite moisturizer to absorb into your skin. Apply any size petal, to areas of concern, or areas prone to wrinkles and lines.

I own a Spa/Salon/Store. Can I sell these?

Yes! We would be honored! Please reach out to us at hello@intellinesse.com.

Can I wear these nightly?

Yes! This is definitely encouraged as wearing them consistently every night will give you the best results and smoothest skin. Nightly use will help retrain the muscles under your skin to relax and lay flat.

Can I use a petal more than once?

Please don't. These are a one time use only. The adhesive will break down and not be as effective on multiple uses. We have given you 102 petals for this very reason - 102 petals are the ideal amount for a one month supply.

Do I need to wear a special, or certain moisturizer under these?

NO, you don't need a particular or special moisturizer. Whatever you currently enjoy using, continue using it! Petals work with your moisturizer, to infuse and lock moisture in.

Do Facial Smoothing Petals contain any sulfates or parabens?

Absolutely not! Petals are simply a polyethylene film and acrylic adhesive. This is the same tape used in hospitals and medical facilities. Petals are hypo-allergenic, non-comedogenic, latex free, BPA free, sulfate free, phthalate free, fragrance free and paraben free.

How quickly do these work?

Petals work in as little as 30 minutes. Great for a quick pick me up: use before a date, on an airplane, while you're in traffic, while you're working and more. You'll notice an immediate difference! That being said, Facial Smoothing Petals work best when used consistently, every night while you sleep. They are designed for long term care. Think of it as a work out for your wrinkles! Long term use will lead to retraining the muscles under your skin to relax and lay flat, leaving you looking and feeling great!

Who should NOT use petals?

If you suffer from adult acne, have chronic skin rashes and inflammation, or are sunburned, please consult a doctor or dermatologist prior to use.

I've already done my makeup but need a quick fix....

Great! Petals can be worn over makeup. Perfect for that pre-date cab ride or pre-meeting prep. :)

Got another question?

Reach out to us: @intellinesse on Instagram or drop us a line: hello@intellinesse. We love feedback and questions!