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Our Story

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I also learned that if we don't do something pro-active here, the muscle memory will create permanent wrinkles. Once we have these permanent static lines, not even botox and filler can help.  I learned all I can about why we wrinkle/age and what we can do to help keep our skin smooth, healthy and hydrated thus acting as a preventative and/or slowing down the visible aging process. 


I set out to create something that was:

  1. A good alternative to Botox: Paralyzing the muscle without the cost or the needles (Though, petals will help prolong Botox results!)

  2. Surgical grade material - non irritating, hypo-allergenic, not tested on animals 

  3. Occlusive: Works WITH your current moisturizers - no need to replace any part of your routine that is already working AND it creates a micro-seal that pushes your moisturizers into the deepest layers of your skin helping them be more effective.

I wanted to create a product that I would use myself daily (I do!! I wear my petals every night!) I believe we beat out the competition. I am so proud of what I've created, and I hope you love these as much as I do

Let me know what you think!


Lara xoxo

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