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Crow's Feet - The Laugh Lines of the eyes!

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

crow's feet -

Wrinkles at the corner of the eyes, likened to the long forked toes on a crow's foot...AKA, those multi-lined wonders that creep out from the outermost edge of eyes and radiate outward.

Crows feet are probably one of the first indicators that make you feel the reality of aging.

Funny, but crows are my favorite bird. Those beautiful shiny black feathers that have hints of purples and greens in the right light. Crows are in the corvid family, and they are extremely intelligent - they stay with their families until they mate, have a partner for life, can think about things, make and use tools, contemplate and reason. They can even learn from watching other crows make mistakes. Pretty insulting to crows to name eye wrinkles after them, in my opinion.

My first foray into crow's feet came from seeing a picture of myself in my late 20's. I was happy, full of energy and beaming with joy, but what were those lines around my eyes?!?! Of course I reasoned with myself that maybe I didn't drink enough water that day, or didn't get enough sleep, or forgot to moisturize the night before. And at that time those were all true - in fact, I was able to stave off my crow's feet until my mid-30's by taking great care of my skin (Big thanks to Jewel, the Mary Kay lady who taught my mom and i skincare on an airplane when I was 19).

Unfortunately, those crow's feet still developed, and just deepened over time, becoming more and more pronounced, and became full-fledged wrinkles, as if a crow had been walking on my face for the last decade.

Crow's feet - How we really got here

If you're familiar with my blog, or Intellinesse in general, than you know that repeated facial expressions leads to loss of collagen, which is the REAL culprit of crow's feet, and winkles in general. Do me a favor and look in the mirror, while making a squinting face as if you were being blinded by the sunset while driving. See the crow's feet?! Every single time you make that facial expression, your skin is contracting and expanding, over and over again, to permanently develop those lines.

You might squint, smile or laugh 500 times in a day. Every single time you do, you are reinforcing those crow's feet. In your 20's, your collagen fibers were super strong and durable, able to just spring back into place! But after the age of 30 your collagen production begins to decline, and this lack of collagen production coupled with the breakdown of your existing collagen fibers is a double uh-oh. Let me be the one to break the news to you: NO amount of moisturizer, no matter how expensive a moisturizer it is, can save you from this inevitability.

Crow's feet - Ok, so how do I fix this?

The idea behind Intellinesse is simple. Your crow's feet appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, from these repeated facial expressions, so what if we take that principle and reverse it? While we can't reverse aging, maybe we can slow it down by re-training your skin, and the underlying muscles, to lay flat by giving them a little help. We developed Facial Smoothing Petals using the softest, smoothest medical grade material we could find. Wear nightly over your favorite moisturizer, and over time your skin begins to lay flat again.

Facial Smoothing Petals come in three different sizes, and the smallest petal fits PERFECTLY over the crow's feet wrinkles. If your crow's feet have just started, you will most likely see results in as little as a week as your skin begins to bounce back, and you can even wear them for as little as 30 minutes for a fresh pick-me-up on the way to the office or while you're doing things around the house. Facial Smoothing Petals work, it's as simple as that.

Crow's feet - Hit 'em from every angle!

Facial Smoothing Petals work as a standalone treatment, but you know what's better? A holistic approach.

Earlier I mentioned that in my 20's I thought I my crow's feet were caused by hydration issues, maybe not enough moisturizer, or staying out too late. That is still true, and Facial Smoothing Petals work best WHEN YOU TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.

When you eat your fruits and vegetables and all of those yummy micro-nutrients that encourage collagen production. When you drink water and stay hydrated. When you get good, quality sleep. When you have a great skincare routine and moisturize with quality products. When you keep calm and relax (yes, meditation is great for kicking wrinkles). You can kick the crow's feet with our petals alone, but why not attack crow's feet from all angles, and integrate good healthy habits into your routine if you haven't already?

So it's not all doom and gloom my dear friends, crow's feet can easily be remedied. Until next time!



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