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Laugh Lines are no Joke - Then Why am I still Laughing?

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Remember when you were young and your mom or grandma would say "Stop making that face or it will stay like that!"

I've always associated that phrase with weird faces and frown lines. The frowning and brow furrowing madness will cause wrinkles! I better smile a lot instead! Only, now I know that smiling and laughing, does just the same thing...Well shoot. Foiled again.

In my late 30's, on came the laugh lines (also known as smile lines, mouth lines, marionette lines.) Call 'em any name you want, they're still there, and mom/grandma were right.

So what's a girl to do? Should we just walk around like expressionless zombies so our skin stays smooth? I don't know about you, but to quote Buddy the Elf, "Smiling's my favorite"! So no, I refuse to stop laughing or smiling despite laugh lines!

Why do Laugh Lines form despite my super disciplined skincare routine?

Let me break it down. First, here is a list of common causes of wrinkles that you either are or should be aware of:

  • Sleep - Side sleeper? Me too. Sleeping on your side or face down scrunched up against the pillow almost guarantees laugh lines. I've read plenty of times to sleep on my back, but my body doesn't exactly listen to me in the middle of the night, and I wake up every morning on my side.

  • Sun/UV Rays - Go outside? Um, of course you do! And if you live anywhere with good weather, you might even make it a point to stay out there as long as possible. UV exposure is a huge cause of collagen loss, and collagen loss directly contributes to all of the lines.

  • Hydration - Whether you live in the desert like me, or not, you know how important hydration is and what happens if you are lacking moisture. Laugh lines can form and are encouraged by dry skin, and often, dry skin means we're dehydrated inside. Hydration and proper nutrition are essential in our quest to prevent smile lines!

  • Smoking - This is a given. Smoking puts harmful chemicals in your body, and those chemicals add to collagen loss as well as prevent future collagen from being produced. Not to mention that the act of smoking purses your lips and directly creates marionette lines.

If you're anything like me, you've used every moisturizer out there in the hopes of ridding yourself of smile lines, and wrinkles in general.

All of the cleansers, moisturizers, toners, SPF's, masks, essences, and facials in the world will not stop your wrinkles or your laugh lines. They'll help keep your skin moist and healthy for sure! But they don't fundamentally address the main cause of wrinkles: Loss of Collagen and Facial Expressions.

Let that soak in for a minute. I was SO upset when I learned this. Why had NO ONE told me this before? I felt duped.

I had spent years trying more and more expensive and complex treatments for my skin and still, got some pretty deep laugh lines and smile lines.

So, let's unpack this.

Think of fabric. Like...that old woven shirt that you've had forever that's super cute, but you're kind of sick of it. You don't wear it anymore, but...it IS cute...and you might wear it one day. So what do you do? You fold it up and stick it in a drawer somewhere, "just in case". When the day comes and you decide to finally wear that shirt again, it's wrinkled because it's been folded in the same position for months now. You have to get your iron out.

Now also think of a path through the woods, or perhaps your yard. You've walked it over and over and over. Eventually that path gets deeper. Over the years, what used to be a faint trail, is now a well worn walking track.

These are perfect analogies for what happens to your skin. Once we pass the age of the 30, our collagen declines. Collagen keeps our skin supple, flexible and moist. Couple that with facial expressions; every time we move our face, a tiny groove is set in the muscle (yay muscle memory!) When we're young, collagen helps our skin spring back. But, over time, and as we age, our skin stops springing back and the grooves get deeper. This is simply because those expressions have expanded and contracted your skin thousands of times, breaking down the collagen fibers at the cellular level.

Are you picking up what I'm putting down here? Does it make sense now, why no amount of moisturizer will save you? In the early years of fine lines, moisturizers can help prevent dry skin and protect your collagen, but over time, you're really just going to end up with soft, well moisturized wrinkles.

This is precisely the reason we came up with Facial Smoothing Petals. Because I love my laughter and smiling, but I don't want the laugh lines that come with it. Facial Smoothing Petals act like "collagen". They don't replace your current skin care routine, they give it a leg up, and hold your skin in place, preventing facial expressions, and allowing your skin and the underlying muscles to relax and lay flat again.

Using Facial Smoothing Petals for Laugh Lines

It's taken years of work to create those marionette lines, so we need to put in the time to counteract the expressions that got you here. The good news is this isn't difficult, and can all be done while you sleep! You simply wash your face as normal, and apply your favorite moisturizer. Allow the moisturizer to set for a few minutes so it is no longer wet. Apply the smaller petals to the areas where the lines around the mouth occur. Go to sleep with the petals on.

While you're sleeping, the petals work to relax the underlying facial muscles, infuse your moisturizer into your skin, and just like the fabric, they "iron out" the laugh lines. You'll wake up in the morning, take them off/discard, and notice nice smooth skin.

Keep this up every night - add them to your nightly routine and if you consistently wear them, Facial Smoothing Petals will retrain your skin and the underlying facial muscles to remain flat again.

See? Muscle memory has it's benefits too. Now, keep on laughing, we've got your wrinkles and laugh lines covered. Together we can prove mom and grandma wrong :)





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