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Think "Anti-Aging" is for the Old? Think Again!

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

This is my beautiful younger sister-in-law. She is all about prevention.

I know many young people who are either contemplating Botox at 30, or, on the flip side, doing nothing more for skincare than wearing some moisturizer.

Why are so many young people only doing the bare minimum with skincare? Because they don't think aging will happen to them.

They don't see "age" looking at them in the mirror right now, so they don't think that they need "anti-aging tools".

Like many of us when we were young, we did't start addressing aging, until, well, aging actually became visible.

I was guilty of this too. When I was in my 20's, I was out with friends, chasing my kids, working, running errands, and if I put moisturizer on, then dear lord it was a good day. SPF was often an expensive luxury I couldn't afford, and the closest thing I wore to a mask was taking my kids trick or treating on Halloween.

Let me share something with you. If you're reading this and you're NOT young please share this with someone in your life who is - a daughter, a friend, a niece etc. Sharing is caring, and we need all the people younger than us to know, that prevention is key. It's our duty as the wiser generation, to help the younger generations.

Remember my post from 2 weeks ago about loss of collagen, and repetitive facial expressions? If not, go back and read it here. Loss of collagen happens to all of us, and we all make facial expressions. So naturally, no matter how many facial creams, moisturizers, SPF's or product you're using, your face will still move. Your collagen production will still decline, breaking down at the cellular level, and you'll still end up with wrinkles.

Remember, the way facial smoothing petals work, is to retrain your skin and the underlying muscles to relax and lay flat again. When you're young and don't have wrinkles, just remember the word YET. You don't have wrinkles YET. But you will. Unless you take preventative measures.

SPF, moisturizer, regular visits to your aesthetician, good diet, hydration, exercise, and petals, are the best tools that I know.

If you start using facial smoothing petals in your 20's, you'll never look 30. And if you use them in your 30's, you'll never look 40, because you're not allowing those deep grooves under the skin to form.

So, use them young, and wrinkles will not have a chance. If you're already older, and seeing wrinkles, use them to reverse those lines, and prevent them from getting deeper! It's as simple as that!



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