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What Kind of Tribe Do We Want to Attract Here Anyway?

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

All of you. We want the Rainbow Connection. The lovers, the dreamers and me.

Seriously, we want that. We want all the people who respect the aging process. People who WANT to learn more, live a higher quality life, and look and feel like their best selves. People who want to operate from a higher plane of being.

This company was founded on the belief that there are non-painful, non-invasive ways to age. As a yoga teacher, it became ingrained in me to Do No Harm. Most people think of yoga only as physical postures, or asana, but there is an 8 limbed path of yoga - Doing No Harm being one of them. I see many people try to live this out to others, but they neglect to Do No Harm to themselves. It's time to change this. Do No Harm to others, AND Do No Harm to Self.

This starts with some serious mentality changes, and some deep awakening. Aging being one area where I really see people start to beat themselves up, thus, doing themselves harm. Let's change that, and flip the script. You don't need to break the bank account to age well, or to age with grace. Like my favorite author Gabby Bernstein says, "You can change the reel in the story that's playing out in your life".

Remember the very first blog that started this newsletter? The only things certain in life are death and taxes? If we know that to be true, we should try and create a life we live well, because life is very short, and aging is a part of the cycle of our life. Let's respect it, and be gentle and caring to ourselves as we go through that cycle.

Help us create this change. Help us change people's minds, and help us spread the word. Share the site, share the facial smoothing petals, share the ideas, share the knowledge, share the emails, because we can't do it without you. Be a part of helping share, that aging is a privilege, wrinkles can be stopped, skincare is HOLISTIC, and Facial Smoothing Petals are a wonderful tool to help you.

Intellinesse = Intelligence and Finesse. Something ALL of you possess.

We hope you choose to celebrate life and aging with us. Engage us on our instagram (@intellinesse), email us, or, if you're in Tucson, call us. Anytime.



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