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Your Wrinkles Won't Be Smiling for Long!

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

Intellinesse Facial Smoothing Petals, designed to prevent wrinkles and smooth out fine lines, sleep lines, forehead wrinkles, and more!

What's the old saying? "The only things that are certain in life are death and taxes"? It should say "The only things certain in life are aging, wrinkles, then death, and taxes".

But before I depress you, let me say, wrinkles aren't so bad, right? AGING isn't bad! And that's why we're here! Because we're sold in society, that aging is bad. If we age, we are somehow no longer relevant. It's as if, every year that passes, we somehow shrink in the eyes of society and marketers.

I say NO.

AGING IS A PRIVILEGE. Every day you wake up is a gift - a chance to be with your loved ones. A chance to grow and become a better person. To explore hobbies, new friendships, travel and more. And that my friends, is what this whole company is about.

If I had a dime for every young woman I've met in her early 30's who told me she wants Botox, I'd be rich. Don't get me wrong. I'm 40. I don't want wrinkles, and I do want to look as young and fresh as the next woman. BUT, I don't want to use risky and expensive procedures to stop aging.

Instead, I want my outer beauty to reflect the inner beauty I've cultivated all these years. There has to be a more natural way to achieve that, than getting shots, or even surgery.

And thus, Intellinesse was born. Born out of a love for our fellow people - a desire to show people that there are natural ways to take care of yourself, age well, and love your body and skin at every stage of life. We can get rid of wrinkles, stay looking and feeling great, with zero risk to our health and wallet.

Intellinesse Facial Smoothing Petals are simply, a tool. We (hopefully) use many tools in our aging well toolkit: clean eating, good hydration, exercise, good skincare products, good sleep, and SPF. Intellinesse is simply another tool to add to your already good routines. It magically erases lines and wrinkles by muscle memory: Re-training the skin and underlying facial muscles to lay flat again, over time, while infusing your own moisturizer into your skin.

No needles, shots, no surgery necessary.

We'll explore in these blogs WHY you get wrinkles, HOW to combat them, and HOW to live your best possible life by taking the best possible care of yourself, all while accepting and embracing the process of getting older. We're not striving for perfection, or to look 20 years old again. We're striving to age with clean beauty, naturally.

See? Aging isn't so bad. Aging means we are blessed to still be alive. The outside just reflects how well we've taken care of ourselves inside, all these years. And if you haven't taken good care of you, it's never EVER too late to start.

I'm excited to have you all on this journey with me, creating a community where aging isn't feared, or shamed, rather, it's celebrated.



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